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1883Re: [NH] Inserting images

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  • Stephen Riddle
    May 29, 2001
      Hi Terri(?)
      I have a couple of ideas.
      If you are sending your friends just the web address of your images, and the
      images don't work, it is possible you have the url on your computer instead
      of the relative path. This happened to me once when I was using NoteTab's
      automatic img element and I had not yet saved my file to a directory.
      Do you have a URL we could look at and check your code?
      By the way, you don't ever get too old to learn new and fun things.

      terrilca@... wrote:

      > When I create
      > a page with images, everything looks OK. I upload it to my server and
      > even send a copy to myself. Everything pulls up. But when I send a
      > copy to one of my friends, everything pulls up except for the images.
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