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188[NH] Re: web page makers

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  • pierre@spersaoaxaca.com.mx
    Sep 4, 1999

      I'm brand new to this list. But the discussion around HTML and the Web
      is one of the only themes around computing which fascinates me (well,
      Note Tab also). Kevin answer to this naive questinon giving a list of
      HTML editors:

      > 1. NoteTab Pro
      > 2. Dreamweaver
      > 3. Homesite 4.0
      > 4. Drumbeat
      > 5. FrontPage 98/2000

      Since this is a Note Tab discussion list , I'll make the following
      observation :
      Why don't I ever see Note Tab Standard mentionned in this discussion?
      NT Pro and Std both have their pros and contras. NT Pro highlights HTML
      tags, but I found NT Std was more powerful to edit text. When will
      there be a merge of both? I personnally use NT Std on the job, and it
      does it well.

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