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1879RE: [NH] CSS filters

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  • Grant
    May 1, 2001
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      > Sorry, was that re my question? You have lost me. As far as I know the
      > whole CSS concept is about presentation and all of it can be left out
      > without altering the structural intent. What's your point? I don't follow.

      Yeah I don't follow myself sometimes. It was just a small rave.
      I think I'm better at solving problems than explaining things.;)

      I've just built a webified version of the checkLinks library I posted

      Unlike the notetab library version you have to make an a security adjustment
      to allow data access across domains for it to work.
      It also relies on a regular expression to extract the http links from
      fetched entered url text instead of the method used in library.
      Tested on ie5.5+ although should work in ns6+ when support for request
      object is built in as it is in the latest moz builds
      If it seems to hang , just wait around a little and the results will pop up.
      I checked on a page with about 42 http linked and it took about 3 minutes on
      my slow connection.

      It works by instantiating the httpRquest object
      Fetching the html text of the url entered.
      Uses reg exp to extract URLs and puts regExp results into result array.
      Each URL in array is then requested using http request then the url with the
      response status text is written into the report box.

      All this is done on the client with no server side script.
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