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1878Re: [NH] CSS filters

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  • Stephen
    Apr 30, 2001
      Good Evening Lotta,
      (least that's what it is here)
      I think Grant means that no, Netscape probably won't do thd CSS filter
      thing, and the W3C is probably not going to even think about it.
      I had not heard of them, but figured they are similiar to the IE
      transitions that were big about a year ago. (Kind of cool but kind of
      disgusting too is my not too humble opinion)
      In the CSS2 stantard there is a text-shadow property. I've tried it on
      every browser and does not look like anyone supports it, not Explorer,
      not Netscape 6, not Opera and not Lynx 8-}
      (just had to voice something on this trhead)
      Lotta wrote:
      > Hi Grant,
      > Sorry, was that re my question? You have lost me.
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