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1793Re: (Semi-OT) Storyboard site planner?

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  • Lynda H. Markwell
    Feb 8, 2001
      > ..suggests using some sort of storyboard to plan a site. I'm
      > wondering if there's a decent free/cheap app that can help me to
      >visualize how my site should look?

      Here's a wonderful app that I've used for lots of different types of
      projects, from character-building to website project planning. It's
      called MindManager, and is based on a nonlinear thinking approach to
      problem solving. I've found the "lite" version, called eMindMaps, to
      be equally satisfying for brainstorming and working out flowcharts in
      website projects. MindManager is $119 for a single license (trial DL
      available), but eMindMap is only $30 for single license (but no trial
      DL). So try out MindManager (which includes mapping function), and if
      your brain clicks with this type of approach, then you can purchase
      whichever version suits your budget. From MindJet, both are available
      at http://www.mindmanager.com

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