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1787Re: (Semi-OT) Storyboard site planner?

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  • psteeper@ns.sympatico.ca
    Feb 8, 2001
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      Hi Mike,
      When I plan a site I like to create an Outline in MS-Word. In Notetab
      you can create outlines but I like Word better for this purpose.
      I use the Outline view in Word as I can create several levels, move
      the levels around, click to open or close and add descriptions. Of
      course you print it out to present to your clients.
      Using this it is easy to plan the menu structure and navigation for
      your site.
      I use Illustrator to create the visual look of my pages. I can use
      the web pallette to choose safe colours and I can easily move items
      around the page until I'm satisfied with the results.
      Then I code in NoteTab.
      Thanks to Eric, Jody and group for an excellent product!

      Peter Steeper
      Halifax, Nova Scotia

      ..suggests using some sort of storyboard to plan a site. I'm
      wondering if
      > there's a decent free/cheap app that can help me to visualize how
      my site
      > should look?
      > If you don't know of any specific app, how did you plan your site?
      > ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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