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1786Re: [NH] (Semi-OT) Storyboard site planner?

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  • Stephen
    Feb 7, 2001
      Hi Mike,
      I use a notebook. I just sit and scratch around on it for a bit. It
      looks a lot like chicken scratches at first.

      During this phase I'm trying to organize what I think the content is
      going to be.
      I draw a couple of organizational charts (these too looking like hen

      The hard sites to design (not that I am SUCH a veteran) seem to be those
      I'm not quite sure what the content is going to be, or who it is
      designed for.

      After a bit, the ideas kind of jell and links and content start lining
      Then I start sketching what I think a page or two may really look like
      and then I go to NoteTab and see how easy or hard it really is to do.
      It seems that the more I draw at first, the easier the finished thing is
      to do.
      (But I am interested in higher tech apps for storyboards too, it'd be
      easier to show others my ideas if I could convert hen-scratches to
      something apprehendable)
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