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  • thefrank
    Jan 31, 2001
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      Hello All,

      I have used irfanview. Nice utility, fairly robust for features.

      A while back I discovered XnView. Also free, many export filters e.g.
      PNG GIF JPG BMP WMF many others. What I really find useful is the
      batch conversion feature to convert filetypes from say, BMP to GIF.

      The other feature I really needed that my version of Irfan would not
      easily accomplish is cropping. With XnView you just drag a box and
      then pull the handles, similar to any good graphics app. The
      difference is the status bar which gives exact px for cropped size so
      you know what your getting before you hit the button.

      Also has a color saturation conversion to specify your palatte depth.

      Between XnView and Xara ($80US for transparent channel manipulation,
      built-in browser previews with load times per modem speeds, and the
      best anti-aliasing I've ever found, bar none) anything for the web is
      quickly accomplished.


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