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1751Re: [NH] Re: How to Use Thumbnails

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  • Don Passenger
    Jan 31, 2001
      Well, thumbnails, if used correctly are designed to give a "preview" of what
      a larger picture will show. Some people use a full size picture, changing
      only the height and width tags thinking that is a thumbnail. It isn't. The
      file size is still that of the larger picture. While it allows you to view
      a lot of content in a minimal space, the download time is still a bear.

      Thumbnails are actually thumbnail (ie fingernail) sized pictures. Because
      they are so small they give the advantage of a small file size, and hence a
      quick download for the preview.

      Eric's site he referenced the other day is a good example of thumbnails:
      Another use is to have them act as a photo gallery:

      I like irfanview which takes a large group of photos and batch processes
      them to thumbnails. ( http://www.irfanview.com -- freeware). However, I
      tried all thumbs that Eric referred us to. It is even better for this
      function, because not only does it reduce the photos, but at the same time
      you can add an extension (ie samephoto_th.jpg) where "_th" means it is the
      thumbnail version of a same photo. As Eric mentioned, you can sharpen,
      brighten, etc. Also you can force lower case file names and many other
      things. It is a very nice program. I will now use both as each does some
      things the other doesn't. ( http://slideshow-refinery.com/ ).

      To use a thumb, you usually make the thumbnail and any description a link as
      <A HREF="pics/1993_malibu.jpg"><IMG SRC="pics/1993%20malibu_th.jpg"
      WIDTH="133" HEIGHT="100" BORDER="0" ALT="1993 Malibu -- a great family

      Which is an example from http://www.edgeski.com/used.htm

      Don Passenger
      Personal Page: http://www.iserv.net/~dpasseng
      Court Page: http://www.iserv.net/~dpasseng/grdc
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      > Well, I have 1200 photos to be edited for my someday web site. I was
      > surprised to see interest in thumbnails here and thought I'd ask the not
      > obvious to me question: how are they made and how do you use them?
      > Having a program which renders them is one thing, but doing them and using
      > them is another. Would some of you talented and experienced people
      > shed a little light on this? With appreciation--MM
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