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1736Re: [NH] Thumbnail program

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  • Jody
    Jan 30, 2001
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      Hi Jan,

      Thanks Jan and all that contributed to the thumbnail thread -
      even you too Eric. <bg> Although it may borderline what is and
      what isn't an HTML topic in some people's mind, IMO, it is most
      definitely a NoteTab and HTML list topic. :)

      >> I have an additional question for the group about thumbnails.
      >> Does anyone know if PaintShopPro V.7 will make thumbnails?
      >Not about html but one I can answer. I just bought PaintShopPro
      >V.7 and it will create thumbnails. Just go to: file | browse and
      >there you are.
      >And thanks for the suggestions concerning my losing access to NTB
      >- all is fixed and I save the suggestions in case I do what ever
      >I did that time again.

      Happy HTML'n!


      The NoteTab and Html List...
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