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161[NH] Re: Opening ASP Files

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  • Michael Gerholdt
    Aug 16, 1999

      This works for me:

      ^!Set %Path%= /^?[file]
      ^!Set %EditPath%=^$StrReplace("\";"/";"^%Path%";False;False)$
      ^!Set %Virtual%=^$StrDelete("^%EditPath%";1;2)$
      ^!SetClipboard http:/^%Virtual%
      ^!Set %Browser%=^?[Browser==Internet Explorer|Netscape|Opera]

      ^!IfSame "^%Browser%" "Internet Explorer" EXPLORER
      ^!IfSame "^%Browser%" "Netscape" NETSCAPE
      ^!IfSame "^%Browser%" "Opera" OPERA

      and et cetera.

      It does not allow browsing to grab the file to be served/viewed.

      I don't understand all the clip jargon, but there needs to be a distinction
      made between where NoteTab clip can browse for the file name (that physical
      path) and the virtual path. I've tried to explain it but perhaps not well.

      The actual path may be c:/inetpub/wwwroot/fsa/book.asp

      What the clipneeds to throw in the location bar then is

      because it sees c:/inetpub/wwwroot/ as the starting point

      so we have to deal with Notetab finding and grabbing the path/filename.ext
      SUB to wwwroot, and append that to

      need to find physical with the clip, then strip the physical path to the
      virtual root dir that PWS uses, then append the remainder.

      maybe this is a place to use one of those permanent variables that would
      store the path to the virtual root, and thereby know what to strip from the
      path when you go browse for a file.

      am I confusing things or making them less clear, which? :)

      The T=O and that can be added back later, but not until this distinction
      between physical and virtual paths is built into the clip.

      For now I am just typing in any filename for a file in wwwroot, or the
      dir/filename for any dir/file sub wwwroot

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