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160[NH] Re: Opening ASP Files

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  • Jody
    Aug 16, 1999
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      Hi Michael,

      > ^!Set %Path%= /^?[file]
      > note that I have to add two spaces and one of the slashes. If I
      > don't add any info for the 'file' part of the prompt, this
      > produces that will load the home page for
      > the web server; if I add other dir/filenames it will go sub
      > that to find them

      I thought the DNS would take you there, but I am completely lost
      on ASP files and what you need in the location field. I can put
      what you need in there once I know what you need. :)

      > How come on the two spaces and a slash, do you know?


      > I even figured out where to add "ENTER."

      Good for you. <g>

      > What does the TequalsO and SequalsM and all that do, anyhoo?

      In short, T=O says to Open and S=M says to look for multiple file
      types. In our Clip all file types other than the html specified
      are filtered out of the Open dialog or would I say the html types
      are filtered in. :)

      In other words, you only see the file types list in the prompt so
      you do not get all the other types making it harder to find what
      you really want. There is also the "All Files *.*" at the botton
      of the pull down should you want to display all of them.

      From help:

      Open file field:
      ^?[(T=O;F="Text Files (*.txt;*.ini)|*.txt;*.ini")Prompt]

      Open multiple files field:
      ^?[(T=O;S=M;F="Text Files (*.txt;*.ini)|*.txt;*.ini")Prompt]

      Save file field:
      ^?[(T=S;F="Text Files (*.txt;*.ini)|*.txt;*.ini")Prompt]

      HTML-tag field:
      ^?[(T=T;C=L/U;F="HTML Files|*.*htm*;*.asp;*.css")Prompt]
      ^?[(T=T;F="Image Files|*.gif;*.jpg;*.jpeg")Prompt]

      Field to show in specific position:


      Settings are always defined in parenthesis after the opening
      square bracket. The following settings are available:

      nn Defines custom order in which fields must be displayed in the
      Wizard; this option setting must always be the first.
      H Height of field in number of lines; only used by memo and
      listbox fields.
      M mask placed between quotes (see [Clip Language - Masked Input
      Fields] for a list of mask characters ).
      F File filter; only used by the Open/Save file and HTML-tag
      C L or U tag is set in Lowercase or Uppercase; only used by HTML-
      tag fields.

      Happy HTMLin'!

      The NoteTab and Html List...
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