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159[NH] Re: Opening ASP Files

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  • Michael Gerholdt
    Aug 16 10:53 AM
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      OK, now this works:

      ^!Set %Path%= /^?[file]

      note that I have to add two spaces and one of the slashes. If I don't add
      any info for the 'file' part of the prompt, this produces
      and that will load the home page for the web server; if I add other
      dir/filenames it will go sub that to find them

      How come on the two spaces and a slash, do you know?

      Now I will add back in the arcane stuff -- =^?[(T=O;S=M;F="asp files
      (*.asp)|*.asp") and see what imact it has, but it works fine as above. I
      even figured out where to add "ENTER."

      What does the TequalsO and SequalsM and all that do, anyhoo?

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