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158[NH] Re: Opening ASP Files

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  • Jody
    Aug 16, 1999
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      Hi Michael,

      > 1) In netscape, to see in the location bar

      If that is what you need, then the SetClipboard line needs to be:


      > What is happening: Netscape is loading just fine, but it adds some
      > characters or something so that this clip line:

      You did not check for hard line breaks added in the mail underneath
      where it said "; long line..." :)

      This is one line:
      ^!Set %Path%=^?[(T=O;F="HTML Files|*.*htm*;*.asp;*.css")Local path to html type file=]

      Melikes to not show everything in the folder (although all I have is html
      in the one I'm testing). <g>

      c ya,

      The whole world doth err save you
      and me and even thou doest err some!

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