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  • Lotta
    Jan 3, 2001
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      Hello Greg!

      >"The file you eventually download should be called hlbsetup.exe and be

      >What you say (217 kB installed) and the page says don't necessarily
      >conflict, of
      >course, if there's a way of getting an 217kB installation without the
      >time/hassle/expense of downloading 3,062,797 bytes, let me know!

      LOL. I didn't see that! I must have looked at the more reasonable size of
      the update. But it's true the installed program is 217kB. The only thing
      wrong with it is that it's slow. Maybe because my copy is lacking some
      2500kb? :-D

      I don't know if it dumps something in Windows or something. But why should
      it? Maybe it's just a monster installation file. I lied to you on one point
      though. The installed file is an .exe not a .chm. Peculiar, I think Quinn
      talks about html help format, doesn't he?

      >>The HTML 4.0 reference in chm format is included in the off line version of
      >>the WDG validator, ARV by Liam Quinn. Not free, but free trial. My favorite.

      >He's the author of the reference I like. The same thing in WinHELP appears to
      >be available completely free from http://www.htmlhelp.com/distribution/ 222k.

      Oh yes, exactly the same contents. But I find that the .chm format is
      easier to use. If you want to try if the program runs without
      installation, just holler and I'll send you the .exe and the accompanying .dll.


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