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150[NH] Re: Opening ASP Files

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  • Michael Gerholdt
    Aug 15, 1999
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      PWS is probably the needed 'set up' that Jody referenced in his

      I do have PWS up and running on my computer precisely for testing ASP
      files before uploading to the NT/IIS server. is any.computer's "self." The virtual root directory for the
      web server is (on my computer, and this is roughly the default PWS setup
      depending on drive. And the virtual dir is configurable in PWS,
      too) ---- the virtual dir, as I was saying, is f:\inetpub\wwwroot\

      I have Note Tab set to open always in this dir, and then I have a number
      of web projects in various dirs which are only a folder-click away. For
      example, fsa\index.asp

      To have my Personal Web Server serve up such a page, however, I put this
      into the location field in my browser:

      and f:\inetpub\wwwroot\fsa\index.asp is displayed. PWS serves it as a
      regular web server; the browser doesn't find the file, it finds the
      server and tells it which doc it is looking for, and the server finds
      and serves it.

      Jody, if you can just have a program launcher with a ^? for entering the
      asp file, and append that to to end up with or the like, that should be all it takes -
      provided PWS is active on the computer.

      I hope this is of some help. If I can assist in doing some testing, let
      me know!

      Since I work as much in asp as I do in html, it sounds like what you are
      doing would be helpful for me indeed. Although once the browser has the
      file loaded via PWS it is quite easy to ALT-Tab and then Ctrl-R to
      switch and refresh ... second nature by now.

      PWS also ships free now with Win 98, and you DON'T have to have anything
      to do with Frontpage or Frontpage extensions to install and use PWS.

      There are a few ASP features that PWS can't handle; it's a lightweight
      version of IIS.

      > I have not gotten into ASP yet, but would the MS Personal Web Server
      > (comes with MS-Frontpage, and can also be downloaded for free) or
      > something similar allow at least testing of the ASP stuff before
      > it?
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