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145[NH] Re: Opening ASP Files

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  • Michael Gerholdt
    Aug 15, 1999
      My full expectation is that this will indeed not work; at best, perhaps
      the asp file might be displayed as text.

      ASP requires the presence of a server which supports ASP to process the
      script. Browsers cannot do this on their own. ASP is server-side
      scripting, hence the name Active Server.

      Unless I'm missing something here . . . <?>

      > Hi All,
      > I am told that if one sets his browser or something for a virtual
      > address that a .asp file can be viewed off a local hard drive if
      > the path is in http://drive/ptha/format/file.asp If so, and if
      > any of you do such a thing I thought you might like to try this.
      > I do not know if it will work.
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