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  • Grant
    Dec 11, 2000
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      > From: Piotr Bienkowski [mailto:syntax@...]
      > Sent: Monday, 11 December 2000 7:57 p.m.
      > To: ntb-html@egroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [NH] oh danny boy

      > > For anyone interested in JavaScript, the DOM etc .... You gotta get
      > > this. Hot of the pdf press, made for your printer , Danny Goodmans
      > > javaScript and browser Objects Quick reference (preview edition)
      > >
      > > ftp://ftp.dannyg.com/JSB4quickref.zip
      > I rushed to download the thing, but then I saw that it was for IE4+,

      Hi Piotr
      It would pay to print the pdf document out to see what it does contain.

      It looks like Danny Goodman is going to update his excellent 'javascript
      bible' and this pdf file contains
      preview of a quick reference to 'javascript and Browser Objects'.
      In 12 printed pages it covers
      The core javascript langauge
      The original document object model
      The ie4+ object model
      The W3c DOM object model as implemented by ie5 and ns6

      IMHO ..This one handy free reference.

      > but as I read in Simon North's book on XML, IE5 has a different DOM
      > than IE4

      Ah this is a bit confusing

      ie4 introduced Dynamic HTML (DHTML) Object Model which is is implemented by
      Microsoft's HTML parsing and rendering engine (MSHTML).


      Ie5 introduces W3c DOM methods... The same upgraded engine (MSHTML) does the
      parsing for html documents(and this includes xhtml )

      However with ie5 you can also parse XML. This involves a different parser ,
      The Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML). By instantiating this , you can apply DOM
      methods with the xml documents or document fragments.
      Since ie5 was released Ms has improved it's xml parser. This parser is now
      version 3 and has pretty much full w3c DOM compliance.
      As an aside , since xhtml documents are 'well formed' you can also parse
      these with the Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML).

      > Anything on IE5 out there, except from W3C?

      Wrox has a couple of books out.
      One on ie5 and dynamic html.(IMHO .not very good)
      One on ie5 and xml. (ok)

      You also might find interesting


      from a ns6 DOM point of view, an article I thought was pretty good was
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