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  • John-Marc
    Dec 8, 2000
      Bill, what everyone is trying to say is that perl runs on the server. It dishes out the html to the browser. If it reads data, it will be data on the server. Javascript runs on the browser. You can use perl to send javascript along with html to the client. When the browser gets it, it renders the html (and JS) and the javascript interacts with the users clicks. It then acts on the data on the client (your browser) NOT the server. So, if perl sends server data, and javascript acts on the data that was sent. Javascript does not go back to the server to get data.
      ie: Server gets name and address of someone, and makes a form that shows up on your browser. You change the name and or address and click submit, the data goes back to the server. Javascript can read the data and warn you it is bogus, or change it, but again, it doesn't get to the server unless the form is submitted just as if you do it by hand. Make any more sense?

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      Hi Piotr:

      So far I have found that perl is easier to learn than Javascript
      ... but I thought javascript was meant to be a slim version of
      Java ... and is for forms ... no Polish jokes .... *||:^)
      but tempted ... my wife is Portuguese and we went to dinner one
      night and the guy was telling portageeee jokes all night and we
      were laughing but to tease him I acted like I was insulted and
      told him ... my wife is Portuguese .... he stuttered and return oh
      ... I meant pollack .... ha ha ....


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