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1405RE: [NH] Hi From .... Bill Scott

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  • Greg Chapman
    Dec 4, 2000
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      Hi Bill,

      > Thank you for your help ..... since it appears that you do some
      > teaching

      My work is with the Adult Education Department of our local County Council. My
      students are mainly the unemployed, and others with some social disadvantage, or
      the senior citizens taking their first dip into the computing world. Either
      way, I only deal initial introductions and certainly not programming - unless
      you count basic HTML as programming - which I don't.

      > I want to start programing in the Perl language ... but I first
      > want to lay down a solid foundation for program design ...

      I can't help you there. Programming is so much a "fashion sport". What was
      regarded as good programming in my youth, no longer is. In the early days, the
      all powerful god was compact programming. That was when every last byte
      counted. These days with megabytes of memory, it's more a case of
      maintainability. I'm just way out of date! I haven't done any programming
      since getting a PC (unless you count writing somewhat complex DOS batch files).
      My expertise was with the Z80 processor back in the days of CP/M!

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