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1402Re: [NH] RE: New CSS libraries

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  • Jody
    Dec 2, 2000
      Hi Grant,

      >> Perhaps you have NOTETAB set to generate an .htm extension by
      >> default so this problem didn't emerge?
      >Actually this can be done by a clip but Jody pointed out , when i
      >did this once that it was bad manners to change someone elses
      >default extension via a clip.

      Did I say that? :) I suppose I did say something to that effect,
      but I would add if I did not say it back then that I am all for
      getting the users settings first, change them to what you need,
      and then change them back to the original at the end of the Clip.

      >Talk of Jody hows the work on those 16x16 bmp icons going.


      Uh, was I suppose to be making some? Please refresh my memory. I
      do forget about things at times. OH, you mean changing the
      location of NoteTab's icons to a sub-folder underneath Libraries?
      If so, the Clip does what it is suppose to, but the problem is,
      NoteTab cannot view them from the Button Properties... dialog.
      It is no big deal for me since I am pretty much setup, but if I
      want to test new icons, I just do it in Libraries till I get the
      ones I want, run my button cleaner to remove the ones that are
      not on the Clipbar to a backup folder, and then run the transfer
      clip to move the new icons to the Libraries sub-folder.

      Happy HTML'n!


      The NoteTab and Html List...
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