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137[NH] Re: Off Topic HTML question ...??

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  • Carl Swann
    Aug 4, 1999
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      Bill Scott wrote:
      > Hi :
      > How can I
      > pup-lisize my page without spamming
      > lists ...??

      Hi Bill... Just got in to check the e-mails... Grandma Kay's advice on
      e-zines is good. You might also want to consider "link-swapping" with
      other sites... not those which would compete with you, but rather
      those that address viewers whose interests are *parallel* to your
      pups. For instance, online veterinary sites... pet sites in general...
      G-rated sites for children... family-oriented sites... home-hints
      sites (training puppies = fewer "accidents")...
      From another direction, I'd suggest creating a simple "query letter"
      (using a NTB template, of course ;-) ... and in 2-3 paragraphs tell
      who you are, your experience and your *availability* to be interviewed
      for a feature article on their site. You might even start with a
      "teaser" short e-mail that asks essentially the questions you ask on
      your <puppies.htm> page. Have them reply to you if they're interested
      in more details... THEN, send the query letter with your experience,
      Send these to the FEATURES EDITOR c/o the Webmaster@......
      What you're doing is positioning yourself as an *available expert* in
      this field -- all they'd need to do to get a great article is to have
      one of their writers contact you for an e-mail (telephone is better)
      interview. You're offering them a dynamite topic and an expert
      interview... it's a no-brainer that any webmaster would jump at!

      My own background is Advertising/Marketing/Communications... believe
      me, if an editor gets an interesting, ready-made story for free, they
      love it. Try it, and let me know how it goes!

      FWIW <no criticism intended> there are four misspelled words on your
      <puppies.htm> page... which tends to de-emphasize what's an otherwise
      compelling sales job. Would you like me to look over your pages with
      what my wife calls "his accursed eagle's eye"? No charge (unless there
      are dozens & dozens of pages... then you could treat me to a pint or
      two across the big water)... ;-)


      ||||| Carl Swann, Kingsport TN
      (o o) "Starting slow, and coasting downhill from there"
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