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134[NH] Re: Frames .... how do I ...??

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  • Bill Scott
    Aug 4, 1999
      bob@... wrote:

      > >From my earlier posting:
      > > . . .If you are not working with a frameset with a defined "main"
      > > frame you will receive an error . . .
      > I was in error here myself. This would just bring up a new browser
      > window named "main."
      > bob

      Hi Bob and Jody:

      This is what I found ... (might not be proper but is less complicated)
      the frame src tag i.e. <FRAME SRC="lesson0.htm" NAME="main" frameborder=1
      border=0 TARGET="_top"> TARGET="_top" tag cause the prior frames to be
      dropped and the new frame1.htm to be loaded ... I think that this works if
      you are going to another site but have not fully tested it myself just know
      that it stops the frames from following to the next hyperlink ...

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