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1334RE: New CSS libraries (was RE: [NH] .css, text-align: center;)

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  • Grant
    Nov 24, 2000
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      Hi Steven and Greg

      Before you embark on such an endeavour I suggest you look at the existing
      css libraries.

      There are several including mine which is a complete css2 library covering
      every css2 property and their possible values.

      The library now incorporates a css colour picker
      which I developed after a query from this list.
      I reworked this colour picker to incorporate other commonly used css
      properties so it now can be used as a fast 'wysiwyg' css editor. I have had
      some very positive feedback for this so I might do some more work on it.
      Using this is all you most likely all you need for basic css work. I've even
      had comments that it would give bradsoft's topstyle a run for it's money.

      "Just wanted to say this is an excellent use of code which I think you could
      sell and call TopStyle 2.0 [http://www.bradsoft.com/topstyle/ ] although I
      think they have just released the new version. Version 1.5 came with
      Homesite & Dreamweaver but your CSS selector is nice and simple."

      I don't now about this but It's certainly faster and easier to use. It's not
      designed as a complete css editor but a quick and easy way to set some basic
      style properties, however used in conjunction with the css library, I think
      it is a pretty complete solution.

      The library can be found at

      Any suggested improvements welcome.

      > I'm no clip writer, so I'm not sure I can help with the real
      > graft, but what I
      > had in mind should be fairly simple (Famous Last Words! :-)
      > I guess the first thing to decide is on a couple of sample style sheets to
      > supply with Notetab and then ensure that all existing "New Web Page"
      > clips/wizards include the code to add a <LINK rel="stylesheet"
      > href="name-me.css" type="text/css"> line in the code.

      Ok I suggest you take a look at my xhtml library

      It's a pretty full on library base on the strict xhtml dtd and incorparates
      the css library.
      The library contains some interesting stuff to ease the work with css.
      from the help file for the library
      Fetching class attribute values.
      You use the class attribute to set style values for elements. What you get
      when setting the class attribute with this library is a selectable list of
      all the class selectors for the chosen ELEMENT. These class selectors are
      found in the head of the document or an external stylesheets for the
      document and a clip subroutine will automatically find them for you. The
      style selectors it presents are "ELEMENT.CLASS" or ".CLASS". I think you
      will find this is very handy when developing with xhtml and stylesheets

      Has a button to generate a link to an existing stylesheet.

      Open css file button; This button opens all the linked stylesheets to the
      If you have installed my css2 library you can open this library by holding
      the CTRL key down when pressing this button.

      > After that it should be a simple matter of copying code in the
      > existing HTML
      > (renamed HTML32) library into a new one called HTML4 and making
      > the necessary
      > deletions to any clips that insert deprecated attributes.

      > I bet I haven't thought this through properly, and there's a lot
      > more to it than

      You have'nt for you will end up with what is pejoratively call "tag soup".
      As I suggested in an earlier post what is needed is a DTD approach.

      A library for
      html401 transitional
      html401 strict
      html401 frameset
      xhtml 1 transitional
      xhtml 1 strict
      xhtml 1 frameset

      Now I don't want to beat my own drum too much but I have done this with
      previous libraries.
      My html 4 library contained every possible attribute and values for each
      element in the strict html dtd. This was my first big library and was only
      possible when notetab clip syntax included arrays.
      Every element in the dtd can have a set of attributes (checkbox) and every
      attribute can have a set of values which can be chosen or entered (selection
      list or masked input control)

      However I have stopped working on the library,
      I had problems with Notetabs 'onload' method when I tried to get the
      libraries talking to each other and basically decided to simplify things.

      When the next version of notetab4.8 came out, I reworked this library to
      become a xhtml library and simplified the css2 library and this is what I
      now use.

      My working version is a bit different from the one posted on the web.If you
      want to take a look post to me post to me privately emerge@... and I
      will send.
      I'm pretty busy now, untill xmas but Ill see if I can rework it for public
      use sometime. Any feedback welome.
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