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119[NH] Re: ntb-html digest

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  • Bill Scott
    Aug 3, 1999
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      I have everything working but .... the bottom row ... can someone see why.. i
      can't seem to get it to have two rows and two columns
      top row
      side column
      middle column
      bottom row ...??
      <TITLE>Puppy Tutorial Clinic</TITLE>

      <FRAMESET ROWS="87,*" frameborder=NO border=0 framespacing=0>
      <FRAME SRC="top.htm" NAME="menu_frame" frameborder=0 border=0 scrolling=no>
      <FRAME SRC="bottom.htm" NAME="menu_frame" frameborder=0 border=0

      <FRAMESET COLS="120,*" frameborder=NO border="0" framespacing=0>
      <FRAME SRC="articles_index.html" NAME="side" scrolling=NO frameborder="0"
      <FRAME SRC="http://www.stockdogsaction.com/articles/lesson1.htm" NAME="main"
      frameborder=0 border=0>



      Your Browser Does Not Support Frames. You can still start at <A
      HREF="lesson1.htm">lesson1.htm</A> but it does look much nicer with frames.


      Any Help would be appreciated ...
      Happy Stockdoggin ......

      Bill *||:>)
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