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109[NH] Re: web page makers

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  • Jody
    Jul 28, 1980
      Hi Kevin and All,

      > That is a "loaded" question as I have found that what is "gold"
      > to one is "garbage" to another,


      1. NoteTab Pro
      2. NoteTab Standard
      3/4. Anansi/Arachnophilia

      I've never used the big costly html editors enough to give them a
      fair rating other than to say they're way to slow and bloated for
      my needs. I will use slow programs if they have a feature I have
      to have, but otherwise I steer clear of them.

      > Namely (in order of preference):
      > 1. NoteTab Pro
      > 2. Dreamweaver
      > 3. Homesite 4.0
      > 4. Drumbeat
      > 5. FrontPage 98/2000
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