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107[NH] Re: web page makers

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  • Carl Swann
    Jul 28, 1999
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      devastater@... wrote:
      > hey everyone. i'm new to making webpages and stuff, and i was wondering
      > what is the best program for making HTML web pages.

      Hi "Devastater" - may I call you Dev?? :-)

      NoteTabPro will be useful in many ways, many of which will be detailed
      on this list by others who are much more knowledgable than I!

      Having said that, I really like a freeware program called
      Arachnophilia. He includes a darned good basic HTML tutorial... and
      the program itself is very user-friendly. The link is below:


      ||||| Carl Swann, Kingsport TN
      (o o) "Starting slow, and coasting downhill from there"
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