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  • Hi, ----- on 06.06.2006 07:16 Alan_C wrote: > I'd wondered if a custom function could also act like or do > the duty of a called clip using ^!clip > (...) > Until now, I had no idea that a custom function, *yes* it can/does do *all* of > my previously up above mentioned tasks. Interesting. Even works without the brackets: H="Test" ^!info ^$function$ H="Function" ^!result ^$calc(1+2...
    melchior prisi Jun 7, 2006
  • Hi Abair ----- on 13.09.2005 18:21 abairheart wrote: > Well, since you must KNOW the name of the array to pass it > to the function, why not just get it without a functio call? > > ^!Info ^%arrayname^%arrayname0%% That's right - but ^%^&^%^&0%% looks better... Regards, Melchior --
    melchior prisi Sep 13, 2005
  • Hi all, The following function returns the content of the last variable in an array: H="_LastVar" ^!result ^%^&^%^&0%% H="Test_LastVar" ^!setlistdelimiter ^!setarray %chain%=one;two;three;four;five ^!info ^$lastvar(chain)$ Regards, Melchior --
    melchior prisi Sep 12, 2005
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  • Hi, ----- on 27.10.2004 20:11 hsavage wrote: > I have 2, so far, very dependable methods for passing data, in the form > of variables, to a template file. > > First method is using an .ini file to store data then cause the template > to read the .ini when loading. > > Second method is using the clipboard to pass data to the .tpl as it loads. Instead of .ini I often use texttofile...
    melchior prisi Oct 30, 2004
  • Hi Roy, Glad it works. ----- on 06.09.2004 18:16 Roy Herring wrote: > Is there something strange about ctrl+F6 that can only be done in a clip? No, but it's just of use if a list (clipbook or quicklist) is open. It goes like this: ;Set Quick List Properties to "Disk Files": ALT+T L K ;Set focus to quicklist: SHIFT+F7 ;Set focus to directory-dropdwon on top of quicklist: CTRL+F6...
    melchior prisi Sep 6, 2004
  • Hi Giannis, ----- on 05.09.2004 12:57 ntb-clips@^$1 wrote: > File : /AsciiGames.clb > Uploaded by : giannis_rho > Description : Snake and SlotMachine. > You can access this file at the URL: > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ntb-clips/files/AsciiGames.clb > giannis_rho Nice :-) Melchior -- http://loc.alphazwirbel.net http://orp.alphazwirbel.net
    melchior prisi Sep 5, 2004
  • Hi Roy, ----- on 06.09.2004 00:23 Roy Herring wrote: > Is it possible, in a clip, to change the directory of the Quicklist (File List)? > For example, to change it to C:\1\RH\*.*. I use the following to open the quicklist with the directory of the open document. You can set %path% to any directory you like. H="QuicklistHere" ^!Set %path%=^$GetPath(^$getdocname$)$ ^!Append %path...
    melchior prisi Sep 5, 2004
  • Hi, ----- on 29.08.2004 22:13 prlproductmanager wrote: > I'm having trouble terminating. > :Loop > ^!Set %FileName%=^$GetFileFirst(^%Dir%;"^%Types%")$ > ^!IfError ^!GoTo EndLoop ELSE Next > ^!Open "^%FileName%" :Loop ^!Set %FileName%=^$GetFileFirst(^%Dir%;"^%Types%")$ ^!iftrue ^$isempty(^%filename%)$ endloop ^!Open "^%FileName%"^ ---------- Another solution could look like this...
    melchior prisi Aug 29, 2004
  • Hi, ----- on 28.08.2004 09:13 manon_purple wrote: > I use a ^!Jump Select_Start now that works fine for beginning, but > where should I put the Select_End (or whatever) to let the function > operate only on the selection? Yes, I am an absolute beginner, only > very simple clips so far. > Thanks for your attention! You might read the Help file about the commands ^$getrowstart$ and...
    melchior prisi Aug 28, 2004
  • Hi, ----- on 23.08.2004 20:33 bubblefisch2002 wrote: > I have the problem that I need to change several similar html-files > which are stored in different subdirectories under on main-directory. ^!setarray %files%=^$getfiles("+c:\dir\";"*.htm";name)$; %ct%=0 :loop ^!inc %ct% ^!if ^%ct% > ^%files0% endloop ;DoWhatYouLikeWith ^%files^%ct%% ^!goto loop :endloop The plus sign in front...
    melchior prisi Aug 23, 2004