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  • On 10/17/2013 2:23 PM, John Shotsky wrote: Sureā€¦ ^!Replace "Title:: Floribbean Grouper With Red Pepper-Papaya Jam" >> "Title:: Floribbean Grouper With Red Pepper-Papaya Jam" AIRSW Can't predict how much better, but it should improve the speed to use only IS options. You will also need to insert a command at the beginning to jump to the start of document. Instead of traversing...
    Sheri Oct 17, 2013
  • You're likely right but could you post one of 13000+ the replace commands? Possibly the only option that needs to be on them is I (for case insensitive). Sent from my Nook HD+
    Sheri Oct 17, 2013
  • > But there seems to be no way to output $1$2 with $2 as lower case. Though in other versions of PCRE they support \U \L that would seem to do it. That is a feature request. PCRE is only responsible for the matching part. Substituting the match with something else is done by the regex component used in NoteTab. I once inquired about it, learned it was "DIRegex", and tried to get...
    Sheri Oct 17, 2013
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  • You could again create a new clip that has a series of replacement commands. Creating the list could start with the result of a GetDocMatchAll to capture all the titles. Then capitalize the whole list at once. Then transform each line with a regex replace-all into a whole-document case-insensitive replace command. Then insert library and clip headers. Then run the clip on the...
    Sheri Oct 16, 2013
  • You can have your clip open the list document, do replacements that make each line into a replace command (one regex replace-all, but no need for regex on the resulting command lines), then insert a library header line and a clip header at the top of the file and save it as a clb file. Then use a farclip command to run the newly saved clip.
    silvermoonwoman@... Oct 13, 2013
  • Just a thought but assuming it must be done with clipcode only, maybe it would be faster to make your clip create a new clip that is a series of 700 replace-all replacements and run that clip, rather than process any loops. Sent from my Nook HD+
    Sheri Oct 13, 2013
  • Look for a windows build of wget. Another option is called curl. Either of those command line programs should be able to do it and should be accessible from notetab clips, but you'd need to distribute the program and any dlls it needs with your clips.
    Sheri Pierce Sep 22, 2013
  • That's a Windows issue. In order to save files under Program Files you and NoteTab would both need to be running as Windows Administrators. That's why NoteTab by default saves user files (including modified clip libraries) under the user's Application Data folder. Sent from my Nook Color device
    Sheri Apr 22, 2012
  • The current selection should be retrieved with ^$GetSelection$ and the selection size should be tested with ^$GetSelSize$ Caret-ampersand is the text that was preselected at the time a clip was started. Regards, Sheri
    Sheri Dec 14, 2011
  • Caret-ampersand is a special notation which you don't want NoteTab to evaluate inside the clip wizard. If you substitute the special variable ^%Caret% for each caret that precedes an ampersand, it should work as you wanted. ^?{(T=L)Insert="Double quotes"^="^%caret%&"|(Par..etc Regards, Sheri
    Sheri Dec 11, 2011