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  • 'T=A' creates an array of file names selected for closing and assigns it to a variable. You can shorten that clip a bit by writing... ^!SetArray %Close%="^?{(T=A;H=30)Close==^%List%}" ^!IfCancel Out ^!Set %Nr%=1 :Close_files ^!Close ^%Close^%Nr%% etc.... For more details on wizards see 'Help | Help on Clip Programming | Clip Wizard and Fields*. Regards, Flo
    flo.gehrke@... Sep 4
  • Better add another \b here... ^!Set %Range%=;^$StrReplace("\b^%Search%\b\K.+$";"";"^%Numbers%;R)$ Flo
    flo.gehrke@... Aug 20
  • Lotta wrote... > I have an array (…) "3140";3149","3150","3157" > I want to know that for instance "3149" is the second variable... In the array, remove all data following the number you entered. Count the delimiters (e.g. semicolons) in the range that is left: ^!SetArray %Numbers%=3140;3149;3150;3157 ^!Set %Search%=^?{Enter a number} ; Check if number exists ^!If ^$StrPos("\b...
    flo.gehrke@... Aug 20
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  • Adrian wrote... > Is there more elegance available without resorting to RegEx? You could replace the '^!Keyboard' commands with... ^!Find "JobID=" IS ^!IfError... ^!Jump Select_End ^!Select +8 ^!Toolbar Copy In your samples, 'JobID' is written in upper and lower case. So the Find must not be case-sensitive. If you could take RegEx into consideration the collecting of JobIDs would...
    flo.gehrke@... Aug 14
  • Adrian, I looked at the clip you published in http://pluralistspeaks.blogspot.com/. It selects an URL and overwrites it with itself. I think this doesn`t create a clickable link as it has been discussed in this Group. > I am told I could use a ? for the s or no s in https and thus have one > loop but I have not seen this ? in the help file. You have to define the search string as a...
    flo.gehrke@... Aug 14
  • Axel wrote... > (...) I'm surprised it does not catch the > unmatched parenthesis Eric would probably say: "No surprise - it's by design." That is, the command works with an equalized amount of opening and closing brackets only. It was last improved with a Slipstream Update to NT 7.01.25 of Aug 16, 2012. But Eric still pointed out that there are some issues - see "Help > Help...
    flo.gehrke@... Apr 28
  • For matching everything from '(17...' to '...Qe6+ )' try... \(([^()]*|(?R))*[^()]\) as a RegEx for this task. Maybe it would suffice to use 'Search | Match Brackets' for this. Place the cursor in front of the opening bracket (or select it) and press Ctrl+M. Regards, Flo
    flo.gehrke@... Apr 27
  • Aha! Thanks to Axel and Joy for explaining these "tickets" to me. You never stop learning. Regards, Flo
    flo.gehrke@... Apr 7
  • Joy wrote... > First, when processing all open documents, I usually include a line > such as ^!IfTrue ^$IsClipDoc$ to ignore an open doc with clip code. Good idea, Joy! But if I'm not mistaken this only works when moving from tab to tab and checking each current document. I tried to enclose that feature in my clip (which isn't more than a rough sketch). So far, I could imagine a...
    flo.gehrke@... Apr 6
  • James wrote... > What I am actually planning to do with this is to create a button > that will bring up a list that will let me selectively close > documents that I have open. I have seen a couple of examples > where a list of check boxed items is created, and I think that > I can probably work with that to get what I am looking for. As basic code for this job try... ^!Set %Docs...
    flo.gehrke@... Apr 5