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  • Sheri, you figured it out. That fix worked beautifully. Thanks. :-)
    BrianHulse Sep 13, 2008
  • When using the HTML Template, I chose HTML Strict, but the header NoteTab Pro 5.7b/fv in the new file is XHTML Transitional. I compared the HTMP.tpl file in %AppData%\NoteTab Pro\Templates to the one in C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro 5\Templates and they appear to be the same. Here is my HTML.tpl file if this helps (it should be the same as on a recent fresh install of NTPro 5.7b...
    BrianHulse Sep 12, 2008
  • Thanks **very** much for version 5! I paid for an upgrade, bought another license for work and purchased Easy Imager for a friend. Please don't release another awesome product anytime soon - I couldn't afford it ! :-) I was hoping someone on this forum had a newer VBScript library than the one on the notetab.com site. I especially don't understand why there are four libraries...
    BrianHulse Aug 1, 2006
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  • I searched for a clip like this and was surprised that I did not find one. Scan through an HTML document and create a table of contents using the headings tags. Is there one and I missed it? If not, could someone give me some pointers on creating one? I've never written a clip, but I'd like to have this enough that I'd be willing to try. Thanks in advance, Brian
    BrianHulse Nov 1, 2005