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Re: [Clip] Help with text formatting search and replace

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  • Jody
    Hi Jody, ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 12 , Feb 21, 2003
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      Hi Jody,
      You wrote:
      >Hi Sharon and Others,
      >>The InsertText replaces the selected text with the contents of the %s% variable.
      >>^!InsertText ^$StrTrim("^%s%")$
      >The ^!InsertText in this case is not needed, and actually, a lot of
      >the time it is not needed. It does however save some headaches
      >when trying to figure out why you are or are not getting a blank
      >line or why or why not the text is wrapped. If you were to go back
      >to the early days of v3 and 4 you would see a lot of the Clips that
      >the text was plain black text, a lot of it in the HTML Library. We
      >have better commands to use today though so those are used so that
      >empty attributes in tags don't get inserted into the document.
      >You'll also find that ^!Insert does the same thing as ^!InsertText.
      >One of the unique things about the Clip code is if you have
      >regular text you want pasted in the document you can simply add
      >it in the Clip with no command in front of it. In the case of
      >the Clip the "^$StrTrim("^%s%")$" simply trims the contents of
      >"^%s%" (takes leading and trailing spaces out) and then it gets
      >"pasted" over the selection. If there was no text selected, then
      >it would be inserted wherever the cursor is. Notice where the
      >second "some text" gets pasted. Experiment putting ^p in the
      >^!InsertText and on a line with just the "^$StrTrim("^%s%")$" use
      >^%nl% before and after to see what it does: ^%nl%^$StrTrim("^%s%")$
      ><--- Copy below this line --->
      >H=Some Text
      >; eMailed on 02-15-2003, Jody@...
      >; notetab.net, notetab.net/html/cd-info.htm
      >^!Set %s%=" Some Text "
      >^!Info Peek
      >^!InsertText ^$StrTrim("^%s%")$
      ><--- Copy above this line --->
      ><--- Right click over a Library --->
      ><--- Choose: Add from Clipboard --->
      >Happy Clip'n!
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