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Re: [Clip] dos output

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  • Jody
    Hi David, I don t know if this has been answered. Cleaning out Inbox. :) Try something like this: H=Get Long Filenames ^!Set %OutPut%=^$GetDosOutput(Dir /s/b
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 20, 2003
      Hi David,

      I don't know if this has been answered. Cleaning out Inbox. :)
      Try something like this:

      H=Get Long Filenames
      ^!Set %OutPut%=^$GetDosOutput(Dir /s/b "^$GetLibraryPath$*.*lb")$
      ^!Toolbar New Document

      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\nc.clb
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\av1611.clb
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\Back.clb
      E:\NoteTab Pro\Libraries\DirStuff.clb

      Displays a list of files and subdirectories in a directory.

      DIR [drive:][path][filename] [/A[[:]attributes]] [/B] [/C] [/D] [/L] [/N]
      [/O[[:]sortorder]] [/P] [/Q] [/S] [/T[[:]timefield]] [/W] [/X] [/4]

      Specifies drive, directory, and/or files to list.

      /A Displays files with specified attributes.
      attributes D Directories R Read-only files
      H Hidden files A Files ready for archiving
      S System files - Prefix meaning not
      /B Uses bare format (no heading information or summary).
      /C Display the thousand separator in file sizes. This is the
      default. Use /-C to disable display of separator.
      /D Same as wide but files are list sorted by column.
      /L Uses lowercase.
      /N New long list format where filenames are on the far right.
      /O List by files in sorted order.
      sortorder N By name (alphabetic) S By size (smallest first)
      E By extension (alphabetic) D By date/time (oldest first)
      G Group directories first - Prefix to reverse order
      /P Pauses after each screenful of information.
      /Q Display the owner of the file.
      /S Displays files in specified directory and all subdirectories.
      /T Controls which time field displayed or used for sorting
      timefield C Creation
      A Last Access
      W Last Written
      /W Uses wide list format.
      /X This displays the short names generated for non-8dot3 file
      names. The format is that of /N with the short name inserted
      before the long name. If no short name is present, blanks are
      displayed in its place.
      /4 Displays four-digit years

      Switches may be preset in the DIRCMD environment variable. Override
      preset switches by prefixing any switch with - (hy

      >Does any body know if there is a way to not get the DOS NAMES in the command
      >below ??
      >^$GetDosOutput(dir /a:-d "^%folder%")$ produces the below
      >8-PUZZLE FLA 71,680 05-29-99 11:59a 8-Puzzle.fla
      >ALIENR~1 FLA 16,896 05-29-99 11:21a Alien Race.fla

      Happy Clip'n!


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