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Re: [Clip] StrSort, helpme!

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  • hsavage
    ... Manuel123, Try this. The digit 1 equals true and the digit 0 equals false . h=strsort ^!set %ok%=^$StrSort(^$GetText$;1;1;0)$ ^!Info ^%ok% hrs
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 11, 2003
      Manuel123 wrote:

      >I don't understand. Could you send me an example.
      >^$StrSort("Str";CaseSensitive;Ascending;RemoveDuplicates)$ (added in
      >Returns the specified text "Str" sorted according to the defined
      >criteria. For example, the following instruction will sort the lines
      >contained in the Clipboard, in ascending order, ignoring character
      >case, and removing duplicates
      >I trie the next but don't work.
      >The text in the document is
      >^!set %ok%=^$StrSort(^$GetText$;Ascending)$
      >^!Info ^%ok%

      Try this. The digit "1" equals "true" and the digit "0" equals "false".

      ^!set %ok%=^$StrSort(^$GetText$;1;1;0)$
      ^!Info ^%ok%

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