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Re: [Clip] wsftp clip edited too much!

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  • Alan C.
    Hi Jonathan, ... C: znet WS_FTP Pro ftp95pro -p peacebrigades -s local: D: files ntbdocs wthr_regex.txt -d peacebrigades:/ C: znet WS_FTP Pro ftp95pro -p
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 14, 2002
      Hi Jonathan,

      >My problem at the moment is that the variables %ServerPath% and %Mode%
      >are going into the text file as literal text rather than as variables.

      C:\znet\WS_FTP Pro\ftp95pro -p peacebrigades -s local:"D:\files\ntbdocs\wthr_regex.txt" -d peacebrigades:/
      C:\znet\WS_FTP Pro\ftp95pro -p peacebrigades -s local:"D:\files\infile.txt" -d peacebrigades:/
      C:\znet\WS_FTP Pro\ftp95pro -p peacebrigades -s local:"D:\files\infile3.txt" -d peacebrigades:/

      Not so on this end (at least from what I see unless/until you provide as per Sheri's request), at least not yet anyway. I also tried it with ascii as the option and the ascii ended up in the TabXfer file.

      Before I could run your clip, I had to remove some line breaks in a couple long lines. And while engaged in same, I noticed the need to also re introduce a missing space.

      Like Sheri, I put a ^!goto end just after the TabXfer file creation.

    • Jody
      Hi Jonathan, ... Me neither I found out. ... It depends on whether you are using Pro or LE as far as what is happening, if I remember correctly. ;) ... I
      Message 2 of 4 , Dec 16, 2002
        Hi Jonathan,

        >I have been chopping away at Jody's wsftp clips because I didn't need
        >all the bells and whistles

        Me neither I found out. <g>

        >and I also couldn't get the clip to run. I took out as many
        >variables as I didn't need and hard-coded whatever I could find.
        >So I got the clip that uploads one file to work. But the clip
        >that uploads multiple files still is foxing me.

        It depends on whether you are using Pro or LE as far as what is
        happening, if I remember correctly. ;)

        >I'm trying to have ^ServerPath^ have a default of / but be editable.

        >^!Append %UploadFiles%=C:\znet\WS_FTP Pro\ftp95pro -p peacebrigades -s
        >ndex%%")$" -d peacebrigades:^%ServerPath% ^%Mode%^%nl%

        I use one clickers for the most part. Try changing your forward
        slash (/) to a backslash (\). I don't know if that is server or
        ws_ftp (version) that causes it. I know I now presently use the
        backslashes with a couple different servers. I remember at one
        time I used /.

        Please write me in private eMail or the Off-Topic list since this
        doesn't really deal with NoteTab. TIA

        Happy Topics,

        The NoteTab Off-Topic List
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