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Clipcode Syntax Version 4.01 Posted

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  • Sheri
    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ntb-clips/files/ClipcodeSyntax_v4.01.zip The Clipcode Syntax clip provides a convenient way of retrieving the syntax for Clipcode
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2002

      The Clipcode Syntax clip provides a convenient way of retrieving the
      syntax for Clipcode commands and functions, and completing required
      and optional parameters. After insertion, except in rare
      circumstances only that portion of clipcode expected to require
      editing (e.g., parameters, variables, labels, etc.) remains selected.
      Clip wizard prompts are also available to complete required
      parameters in most instances.

      New is version 4.01, the zip file has a Libraries subdirectory. If
      unzipped with Winzip, if you check the option to "Use Folder Names",
      you should be able to unzip to your NoteTab directory and have the
      files go where they belong. Refer to the Documentation or Readme file
      for installation details and useage examples. The files in this clip
      packages are compatible with Notetab version 4.91 Pro, Standard and

      Many thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions during
      the development of this package. I continue to welcome your ideas and


      Version 4.01 Enhancements:

      Added Configuration Options for both the Clipcode Syntax and retrival
      clips. You can now elect to bypass the menu for Exact Matches
      (applies to both Syntax and direct lookups in the Clip Assistant),
      bypass all Clip Wizards from the Clip Assistant, and bypass re-
      running the Clipcode Syntax on any new selection after syntax
      insertion and highlighting of new parameters. The Settings are made
      by running the clip titled Clipcode Syntax Options. After
      preferences have been entered, default settings for repeat runs will
      reflect these preferences. Note: If you elect to bypass Clip Wizards
      from the Clip Assistant, you can still access them through direct
      lookups to the Clip Assistant in the menu (when you do this, syntax
      lookup is bypassed and only the selected Clip Wizard is run; Repeat
      Last Syntax will not repeat commands and functions inserted in this

      Added an option to copy the highlighted menu item to the Search Term
      box, as well as a configuration option for the format used to signal
      it (Combo or Check Box). With this change, any term matching the
      initial search term can now be used for CHM help lookup without
      needing to edit the prefix characters. If the Combo format is chosen,
      the search term can also be revised here by typing in a new entry.
      This entry takes precedence over all other menu entries, so it will
      always avoid the "Ambiguous selection" message. The Checkbox format
      is a bit more convenient for the Copying of Highlighted terms, but
      lacks the facility to type-in revisions (You can still type in
      entries in the top box as before, but need to highlight a search term
      option to avoid the "Ambiguous selection" message).

      Changed default behavior of exact match keywords. Previously they
      returned the syntax immediately, bypassing the menu. Now they go to
      the menu, where the default choice is still insertion of the syntax,
      but alternative actions are available as well (such as, to replace
      the selection with the syntax of a different command or function,
      with entered text, etc., or to use the word for lookup in CHM Help).
      This behavior is configurable (see above).

      Added a menu option to Insert a FileName. This option brings up a
      File Open dialog, and the name of the selected file replaces the
      selected text in the document. This required a change to the syntax
      outline as well as the Clip Assistant.

      Add support for special wizard and document codes. You can search for
      ^?, *, **, # or ## to find them.

      Repaired Retrieval Process to hide "hidden" clips; restored tilde to
      original Clip Assistant clips that previously had them as removing
      them had not solved anything.

      Renamed "Retrieval" clip to "Retrieve Clip or Topic" and enhanced it
      to support Toolbar files. Added it to the Syntax menus as "Lookup
      Term in Other Outline, Library or Toolbar". The entered Search Term
      as well as variations of the document selection are accessible from
      the RCT menu's keyword entry drop box (or a new term can be entered).
      If there are multiple entries that are partial matches to the
      keyword, you can choose among entries. Using this process, it is
      possible to run any clip (or display or insert its code) even when
      it's not open in the Clipbook nor on the currently displayed Toolbar.
      It works in all flavors of NoteTab , even when editing clips. When
      topic or clip text is Shown or Entered, it is now preceded with
      source information (as a comment) and ends with a new line. It must
      be remembered that when you choose to insert topic or clip text, it
      replaces the existing selection (if any) in the current document.

      Reworked "Clipcode Syntax" and "Repeat Last Syntax" clips so as to
      base previous clipcode on a saved ini value instead of a transient
      variable. The last outline, toolbar or library file used by
      the "Retrieve Clip or Topic" clip is now also retrieved from a saved
      ini value.

      Rearranged menu selections to a more logical order. Added a dividing
      line between various options and executable Found entries.

      Enhanced a few clip wizards in the Clip Assistant (e.g., to provide
      file browsing for the ^!LoadLibrary and ^!OpenClipbar commands.)

      Made a toolbar for the library clips. This may serve as an example
      for less experienced NoteTab users until they are able to add the
      clips to their own default Toolbar.
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