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Clipcode Syntax 3.20b

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  • Sheri
    New version posted to the files area at More features! Please let me know if you
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2002
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      New version posted to the files area at


      More features! Please let me know if you have any problems, as I
      would like to finalize this version. I also invite your suggestions
      and comments. If you haven't tried this clip yet, you really should
      try it now.

      I have been asked privately if this clip package works in Notetab
      when you are editing clips. Yes it does, in Notetab Light, Standard
      and Pro. Documentation is in the clb file. The clb, otl and bmp files
      go into Notetab's Libraries directory. The dat and clh files go into
      Notetab's main directory. The clh file replaces a Notetab system file
      (keep a backup). The dat and otl files are read-only to protect them
      from accidental changes or deletion but if you have older versions
      please replace them with the new ones in the zip.

      Here is a list of improvements:

      Processing of ambiguous selections now verifies your intentions.

      Added option to lookup keywords in Clipcode CHM. Some intelligence if
      the keyword lacks prefix symbols. If it starts with ! or $ a ^ is
      added; If it starts with Get, Str or Is, ^$ is added, otherwise ^! is

      Added options to insert entered keyword (phrase) as a Math expression
      or as Text (code, really).

      Added test at the end to see there is selected text different than
      what was previously selected. If there is, offers to rerun the Syntax
      clip. This can be helpful if you want to replace the selection with a
      function or with direct input of text code.

      Added approximately 100 new clips to the Clip Assistant to provide
      direct access to commands that previously were available only through
      Clip Assistant menus. The primary result is that more wizards are
      available to complete Clip Syntax items.

      Edited Outline. Added the following:

      Insert Loop
      Insert OnOpen Header
      Insert OnClipboardChange Header
      Insert Date
      Insert Math Function
      Insert Math Operator
      Insert Mathematical Expression

      Enhanced Retrieval clip to work with outlines which were built
      without quotes around their header texts.

      Bug fixes to both Syntax and Retrieval clips. Many changes in

      Inclusion of Wayne VanWeerthuizen's version of Menu Clip in
      Cliphelp.clh with permission, and enhancement to make it support
      SetShortcut commands.

      Probaby some other things I've forgotten to mention :)

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