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RE: [Clip] Re: Expand text

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  • Kevin Witherite
    Just tried it out. It would be a time saver. Thanks people......... ... From: hugo_paulissen [mailto:h.paulissen@facburfdcw.unimaas.nl] Sent: Thursday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2002
      Just tried it out. It would be a time saver. Thanks people.........

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      From: hugo_paulissen [mailto:h.paulissen@...]
      Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 1:39 PM
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      Subject: [Clip] Re: Expand text

      > What does "Expand Text" under the tools menu do. I can not find
      anything in
      > help about it.
      > [Kevin ]

      Good question, although there is some explanation in the help-pages
      (Tools Menu), just search for expand. You'll also find a short
      description of possible actions in the statusbar.

      --- >> From help
      Expand Text
      Replaces text at the cursor position with matching Clipbook
      replacement text. This command can save you a lot of time when you
      often reuse same bits of text.
      << ---

      Shortcut is F2. I confess I never use this feature, but it can be
      very powerful. Select a library, type the first (couple of) letter(s)
      of a clip and hit F2: the first match in the library is executed
      automatically. With careful naming of your clips this can be a time-

      Thanks for pointing it out...


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