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Re: [Clip] Email Form Data Parse

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  • Alan C.
    Hi Sheri, Thank for the Larry Wall intro piece. Out of the box versus in the box strangely comes to my mind. And I didn t even think . It happened
    Message 1 of 21 , Oct 25, 2002
      Hi Sheri,

      Thank for the Larry Wall intro piece. "Out of the box" versus "in the box" strangely comes to my mind. And I didn't even "think". It happened spontaneous, it just "popped" (strangely) into my mind.

      >field ends with a tab. Your replace of "\t$" is happening before tabs
      >are inserted in the data line. I see these things because I leave
      >NTP's non-printing characters visible by default.

      I never turn my non-printing off. But I can look at something and not SEE it meaning that I've the knowledge but whenever I look there can be things that do not *register* . (Until later) A remedy is for me to walk away from it and don't look at it again until the next day. Then, all sorts of things "pop out" or *register* And, when that happens, it's common that I wonder "well, how did I miss SEE_ing so many things yesterday?"

      This group also sees with very very much greater clarity than I do alone. Thank you group members/participants!


      a new and different vision of what was previously seen?

      >Sounds like a winner. FYI, there's a pretty good chapter about Perl
      >regular expressions from "Beginning Perl" by Cozens & Wainright at
      >this URL if anyone is interested. (Realize that Perl is not Notetab

      Yes, Perl is not NoteTab. However, any or perhaps at least a lot of regular expression learning experience(s) DO apply to regular expressions. (regex learning is not lost, just apply what you learned about regex to the current situation - for example apply your learning to the specifics/particulars of the NoteTab regex feature).

      There's plenty of benefit/magic/fun with/from regular expressions.

      Perhaps multiple levels of mastery of regular expressions exist.

      But what I've discovered is that I've now attained only a very minimal or beginner's "mastery" level of regular expression. Those "dues being paid" (learning curve) so to speak, opened up a new door way for me onto a new horizon. And the view for me is awesome. And I didn't, couldn't even know what I was missing out on until I arrived at this door way where I am now.

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