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Re: [Clip] Sorting HTML tables solved (this time working)

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  • Ville Saalo
    Very nice work. :) Here s how I would improve it: H= _SelectElement ^!SetScreenUpdate OFF ^!If ^$IsEmpty(^%Tag%)$=0 Skip_5 ^!FIND
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 1 4:16 AM
      Very nice work. :) Here's how I would improve it:

      ^!SetScreenUpdate OFF
      ^!If ^$IsEmpty(^%Tag%)$=0 Skip_5
      ^!FIND "</" IS
      ^!Jump SELECT_END
      ^!Select WORD
      ^!Set %Tag%=^$GetSelection$
      ^!Set %Tag%=^?{=_Table|^%Tag%|H2|Body|Div}
      ^!If ^$IsEmpty(^%InOut%)$=0 Skip
      ^!Set %InOut%=^?{==_Inner|Outer}
      ^!Clip ^%InOut%HTML
      ^!ClearVariable %InOut%
      ^!ClearVariable %Tag%

      Notice how it's now easy to select the element in which you currently
      are. That isn't an idiotproof solution as if the starting tag is after
      our cursor's beginning place it obviously doesn't surround the text
      the cursor was on, but anyway. I have actually made a clip which can
      select any tag correctly, look for the Surrounding.zip (.clb) under the
      HTML Libraries at NoteTab's homepage. It's one of my first serious
      clips and/so it looks rather ugly (35 lines of code + some blank lines
      + comments...) but I should now be able to improve it. Uhh, now I'm
      completely off-topic, sorry. :)

      I still left the underscore in front of the Table -choice as we're
      working with them. I also added an underscore in front of the
      Inner|Outer -selection.

      Another thing I noticed here is that the ^!Select HTMLTAG command
      actually has a bug: create an empty document and insert some simple
      table. There should be nothing above the starting tag. Now try
      selecting the inner html of the table, either with my original clip or
      Mike's improved clip. They both fail, selecting the inner html *and* the
      starting <TABLE -tag. It's a bit disturbing...


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      From: Michael Gerholdt <keywordz@...>
      To: ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com <ntb-clips@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Tuesday, October 01, 2002 6:49 AM
      Subject: Re: [Clip] Sorting HTML tables solved (this time working)

      >Thanks, Hugo, for noticing and mentioning GetRowEnd etc. That goes a long
      >way toward what I was after.
      >In Internet Explorer there is the notion of InnerHTML and OuterHTML.
      >Thinking along those lines, and wanting to be able to re-use code for a
      >variety of purposes and reflecting on the HTML table sorter Hugo and Ville
      >have been crafting/perfecting:
      >^!SetScreenUpdate OFF
      >^!If ^$IsEmpty(^%Tag%)$=0 Skip
      >^!Set %Tag%=^?{=_Table|h2|body|div}
      >^!If ^$IsEmpty(^%InOut%)$=0 Skip
      >^!Set %InOut%=^?{==Inner|Outer}
      >^!Clip ^%InOut%HTML
      >^!ClearVariable %InOut%
      >^!ClearVariable %Tag%
      >^!Find "</^%Tag%>" IS
      >^!Set %End%=^$GetRowStart$:^$GetColStart$
      >^!Find "<^%Tag%" BIS
      >^!Select HTMLTAG
      >^!Set %Beg%=^$GetRowEnd$:^$GetColEnd$
      >^!SetCursor ^%Beg%
      >^!SelectTo ^%End%
      >^!Find "</^%Tag%>" IS
      >^!Set %End%=^$GetRowEnd$:^$GetColEnd$
      >^!Find "<^%Tag%" BIS
      >^!Select HTMLTAG
      >^!Set %Beg%=^$GetRowStart$:^$GetColStart$
      >^!SetCursor ^%Beg%
      >^!SelectTo ^%End%
      >You place a call to the first clip, _SelectElement (the list of html tags of
      >course needs to be expanded).
      >Call like this:
      >^!Set %InOut%="Inner";%Tag%="Table"
      >^!Clip SelectElement
      >Or simply
      >^!Clip SelectElement
      >to be prompted for HTML tag and choice between Inner and Outer HTML (no
      >prompt in the first case).
      >Once the first three are debugged and in working order, in future one would
      >need write only one or two lines of code to be able to select inner or outer
      >html of any (container) element. Using FarClip this could be useful from any
      >clip library, including the HTML Table Sorter that Ville and Hugo have
      >Comments, improvements solicited!
    • Michael Gerholdt
      Ville, I like the improvement and will use it. Hmmm, most of my tables aren t consistent from row to row. stuf stuf
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 2 8:49 PM

        I like the improvement and will use it.

        Hmmm, most of my tables aren't consistent from row to row.

        <TD colspan="2">stuf</TD>


        The first row doesn't get sorted. This looks interesting.

        But last night was miles before sleep. Tonight, it's sleep before miles.

        Sleep is lovely dark and deep
        and i've no promises to keep . . .

        'night, with apologies to R.F.

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