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Re: [Clip] Sorting html tables?

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  • Don Passenger
    I was playing but ran out of time. ^!Replace | IHSA ^!Replace IHSA ^!Replace ^P IHSA ^!Replace ^P IHSA ^!Replace
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 23, 2002
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      I was playing but ran out of time.

      ^!Replace "</TD>" >> "|" IHSA
      ^!Replace " " >> "" IHSA
      ^!Replace "^P" >> "" IHSA
      ^!Replace "</TR>" >> "^P" IHSA
      ^!Replace "<TR>" >> "" IHSA
      ^!Replace "<TD>" >> "" IHSA
      ^!Replace "<TABLE>" >> "" IHSA
      ^!Replace "</TABLE>" >> "" IHSA
      ^!Replace "|^P" >> "^P" IHSA

      strips it all out
      the last line is not needed ... but it was a precursor to a reformat clip I
      was working on
      but it is adding oddly ... cannot understand why, will play some more

      Once you get this use Jody's noteblock scripts to manipulate, or excel or
      access if you prefer payware

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      Sent: Monday, September 23, 2002 9:23 PM
      Subject: Re: [Clip] Sorting html tables?

      > Ville: the example you gave didn't seem to have any formatting with in
      > the tables. If this is generally true AND you have access tho MS Excel
      > the approach I'd take is this:
      > (note I'm not really a CLIP'r or an HTML'r so the gurus probably have
      > better methods.)
      > Get all the data so each row is on one line, then use a clip or (even a
      > Find-Replace from the Search-dialog box to turn all the cell dividers
      > into just ^T's (tabs) and replace the row dividers by just ^P's
      > (newlines)
      > Do this between the <table> and </table>.
      > Now you have something you can <copy> and Paste into Excel and use all
      > of its excellent capabilities to drag, drop copy, sort invert - just
      > about any damn thing you want. When arranged the way you want <copy> the
      > area you want back into Notetab (either where you took it from or in a
      > new buffer in case any touchups are required.
      > Maybe (probably?) there are already clips that do the <row><cell> to
      > <cell><tab><cell><tab><cell><eol> transformation.
      > >> What's the NTB-HTML -list like? Is it like this but only for
      > >> html-related clips..? As active as this one?
      > To get you started I've copied this to the HTML list ;-)
      > Regards ... Alec
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