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Re: [Clip] Minor Critics (was: Why is my condition test not working?)

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  • Jody
    Hi Patrick, ... It is most likely because each side of = is not balanced. ^!If String1 = String2 (Normally used with text strings, case sensitive)
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 29, 2002
      Hi Patrick,

      >And by the way can someone tell me why
      >^!If "String1" <>= "String2"
      >is correct
      >^!If "String1"<>= "String2"
      >is not

      It is most likely because each side of "<>=" is not balanced.

      ^!If "String1" <>= "String2" (Normally used with text strings,
      case sensitive)
      ^!If "String1"<>="String2" (Normally used with text strings,
      case sensitive)
      ^!If String1 <>= String2 (Normally used with integers)

      >^!Set %curdocname%=^$GetDocName$
      >is correct
      >^!Set %curdocname% = ^$GetDocName$
      >is not?

      When setting a variable you cannot
      have a space before the equal sign.

      ^!Set has some irregularities in it. They will be fixed in
      version 5. I believe Eric should use a more strict syntax so
      that we all use correct code and not to have him put bugs in
      NoteTab to accept improper syntax, even if they are commonly made
      errors, IMO.

      >Wouldn't it be better that space management inside statements
      >would be more consistent?

      Agreed. The ^!Set command should stay the same IMO for the
      variable before the equal sign. The irregularities mentioned
      above deal with the contents of the variable being set.

      I believe the only two formats for the ^!If type commands are
      with and without the spaces, and when strings they must be used
      with quotes (balanced) if the strings contain spaces. If the
      strings do not contain spaces and are used w/o quotes, then they
      are treated as integers if I remember correctly.

      >Last critics, I was unable to find any line command topic from
      >the Help, while Sheri you drew my attention to the fact I should
      >have searched the Help for "Parameters". Not that easy to guess!

      Search for "command" in the Index of NoteTab's regular Help file,
      not the Clip programming one.

      >Let me add that above critics are just meant for helping improve
      >the documentation. I remain thankful for such a powerful product.

      They are appreciated. ;) When you start getting into suggestions
      you may want to post to the NoteTab Next Release list. Please see
      my signature line to subscribe to it. TIA

      Happy Test'n,
      Jody Adair

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