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Re: [Clip] URL Collection - How to Date Order

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  • Larry Hamilton
    John, This section of your clip: ^!SetHintInfo Getting Filenames... ^!Set %ThisFile%=^$GetFileFirst( ^%SiteLinkPath% ; *.url ;NAME)$ ^!StatusShow Getting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 21, 2002
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      This section of your clip:

      ^!SetHintInfo Getting Filenames...
      ^!Set %ThisFile%=^$GetFileFirst("^%SiteLinkPath%";"*.url";NAME)$
      ^!StatusShow Getting bookmarks, please stand by...
      ^!IfTrue ^$IsEmpty(^%ThisFile%)$ EndLoop
      ^!Append %URLList%=""^%ThisFile%""
      ; Outer quotes used by append.
      ; Inner quotes put into variable.

      ^!Set %ThisFile%=^$GetFileFirst("^%SiteLinkPath%";"*.url";NAME)$

      Change it to sort on DATE instead of NAME, like this:

      ^!Set %ThisFile%=^$GetFileFirst("^%SiteLinkPath%";"*.url";DATE)$

      Here is the usage from Help:


      UNSORTED: No sorting is used.
      NAME: Files are sorted by name.
      TYPE: Files are sorted by type (based on the extension).
      DATE: Files are sorted by date.
      SIZE: Files are sorted by size.
      Use the prefix "REV" to reverse the sorting order (e.g. REVSIZE starts with
      the largest file).


      Larry Hamilton

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      From: "John Cruickshank" <jc@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2002 1:11 AM
      Subject: [Clip] URL Collection - How to Date Order

      > Hi, first post to list ...
      > I've patched together a clip from all the work done previous to me,
      > and hope it's ok to not mention where I got all the bits and pieces
      > from.


      > And while we are at - there is one thing I'd love to add to the
      > process. Currently the URL extraction defaults to the alphabetical
      > order normally present in a folder. That extraction then follows
      > through to the blog template insertion in alphabetical order too.
      > For my users, it would be much more appropriate to post to the blog
      > template in a Dated Order, so that the most recent URL file date is
      > listed first. I am sure it is possible, but haven't a clue where to
      > begin.

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