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RE: [Clip] Consolidating Clips into a Template?

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  • Christine
    Alan, I m going to play around with your suggestions. I believed it to be a looping thing, and will try to work with finding text with the yes/no and If/Then
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 18, 2002
      I'm going to play around with your suggestions. I believed it to be a
      looping thing, and will try to work with finding text with the yes/no and
      If/Then statements.

      I admit to being too embarrassed about my code, because it's so rudimentary.
      I find code listed here, such as yours you mentioned for the HTML template
      colors thing, and the Find/Replace being discussed and fool with it, try
      different things, and learn a lot, but at this point, I'm so basic I can't
      put it up yet. I kind of want to figure out as much as I can on my own.
      But I appreciate the offer.


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      Hi Christine,

      >After each time I fill in these fields, I need it to ask me to if I want to
      >add another Name. If the answer is yes, I want to loop back to these

      Most likely it's easy to add/have a yes/no field for 2nd name and if yes to
      also then loop back to all questions again. Right here, I see also that, if
      yes, the 2nd set of info either needs to go into a 2nd variable OR use an
      array instead of 2 variables.

      How about letting us see what you have now, the clip? Given that, it's
      usually easy to do

      >I guess I'm trying to take a bunch of individual clips and call them after
      >finding certain places in the document.

      should able do that. just use find command then test if found and if found
      then call your desired clip.

      >I guess I could also set the Name, Translation, Narrative (with room to
      >word wrapping text), Anchor variables, move to the first variable's data,
      >call the graphic clip, the model clip, then look for the 2nd variable's
      >data, couldn't I?

      yes. just after the model clip (suggestion) either

      > But I can't figure out how to tell the clip to know
      >later, what the variable's information is.

      At that particular spot in the clip, just point it to 2nd set variables (or
      iterate through to 2nd item of a small 2 item array).

      We really need to see your clip.

      It's hard to say whether you need a template or instead some called clips,
      or all three.

      I've made a clip with capability whereby once you use NTB's html template to
      set your colors then my clip takes a snapshot of that resultant html page
      and from it makes a template so that next time instead of choosing all the
      colors from NTB's html template you can just run the template that my clip
      created its faster and easier than choosing all the colors each time. But
      yours is different, more involved. And my clip not completely finished, has
      a to do list for more refinements/development.

      Thanks. Alan.

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