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Re: [Clip] PageClips Clip Library

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  • Don Passenger
    ^!Find picell[ d]* RS is this why I find nothing ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 9, 2002
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      ^!Find "picell[\d]*" RS

      is this why I find nothing ...
    • Alan C.
      Hello Don, http://users.cwnet.com/acummi/proj/pagepic.htm That s, mechanically, how content to be displayed, more specifically how page layout s to be
      Message 2 of 4 , Jun 9, 2002
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        Hello Don,


        That's, mechanically, how content to be displayed, more specifically how page layout's to be characterized.

        That's all that the clip does so far.

        >I cannot say I am able to follow what is intended to be going on with the
        >clip. Does it assume I have already made my thumbnails

        when the clip lib is completed, yes.

        >(I was hoping it
        >actually interacted with ez thumbs)? It never asks me for a directory to
        >run to find the thumbnails.

        clip lib not totally completed yet. At this point, the clip merely outputs the mechanics of what the finished html page will look like, page layout wise. Not pics, not yet, not until finished. It's under development. The library's about (red clip) has some info.

        I may make it interact with ez thumbs. I'm still developing. So far it only outputs certain specific mechanics as to type of format, formatting of the html page layout. As to how the content to be displayed, how page content's layout is characterized.

        >The cell_code clip seems to already have info included in it which cannot be
        ><!-- picell^%ItemNum% -->

        Oh it's correct. Yes, that there is just a pic - cell, a table cell identifier (look at the source of the outputted html code) (just so it's easier when visually looking at the source code to see its tables, cells, and layout) -- a **begin and end cell html comment** with a beginning number on each cell.

        >If the content of any of those will help you I would be happy to forward.

        The gentleman on Album Express list needs the html page to look just like the output from my clip lib, which outputs 9 (sort of large) thumbnails per html page. (mechanics wise as far as his page layout is concerned like my clip lib's output) but I not done yet with the lib. And each of the 9 TN link to a larger picture (when completed).

        >Anyway, your clip just made a page for me which didn't include any pictures
        >and did include the 139.35KB etc. under each non-picture. Maybe I did
        >something wrong.

        No you didn't do anything wrong. I just haven't yet finished all the details the mechanics are there but more to come. The clip lib's red (about) clip has a to do list of items.

        More development yet to come which will finalize, and get the TN in and link to larger pic, also have correct and current data specs under the TN.

        Regards. Alan.
      • Alan C.
        Hi Don, ... 2nd clip (H= _htm_page_layout ) as per (a portion)(in particular, note as below) picell^%ItemNum%] such code as that is in per below example code
        Message 3 of 4 , Jun 9, 2002
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          Hi Don,

          >^!Find "picell[\d]*" RS
          >is this why I find nothing ...

          2nd clip (H="_htm_page_layout") as per (a portion)(in particular, note as below)


          such code as that is in per below example code taken from clip number 2, inserts picell with an cell number in each of the 9 cells of the table.

          ^!INC CellIndex
          ^!IF ^%CellIndex% > ^%CellCount% EndCell
          ^!INC ItemNum
          ^!InsertWizardHtml <TD ALIGN="^?[(7)T&D Align=_center|left|right]" VALIGN="^?[(8)TD VAli&gn=baseline|bottom|_middle|top]">^P
          ^?[(10)&Prompt for cell text=Yes^= ^?{R^%RowIndex%C^%CellIndex%: Enter cell text}|_No^= picell^%ItemNum%]
          ^!InsertHtml ^P </TD>^P
          ^!GoTo RepeatCell

          So, the find line you quoted above is in clip number 3 (cell_packer). Note that at top of the cell_packer clip it jumps the cursor to top of doc before it gets down to your quoted find line. Cell packer merely packs each cell with content and code. The construct is nested html tables. That's how the gentleman's sample created from Thumbs Plus by Cerius software it used nested tables.

          So, picell7 for example is a unique flag or marker; it's placed in the doc by clip number 2 so, as a flag, it's already in the doc before clip number 3 comes along. As cell packer, the third clip, iterates through each loop, it packs a cell. cell packer finds each picell flag/marker and replaces the marker with the table cell's content.


          Regards. Alan.
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