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Re: [Clip] Re: Calculating disk contents

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  • Mark Halsall
    Thank you Wayne and Ville. ... I m sure I have all I need now - especially the ALT+ENTER. I have a backup clip to backup to various floppy disks, and I find it
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 13, 2002
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      Thank you Wayne and Ville.

      >>>>^!Keyboard CONTEXT
      >>>SHIFT+F10 is the same.

      > I meant this for general information, as it is the only way
      > to emulate the "CONTEXT MENU" key from NoteTab's Keyboard
      > clip command.

      >Though I do wish NoteTab were able emulate the Windows key.

      >>ALT+ENTER is the easiest way, it takes you directly to the properties.

      >That is also good to know (and is listed on the web page I cited).

      > But it doesn't accomplish anything in this context, as there
      > is no easy way (without 3rd party utilities) for NoteTab to
      > select and copy the text from the Properties Window. Getting
      > the property window to display is a DEAD END! (That is, if
      > our goal is to get the clip to KNOW how much space is used
      > or free on the disk, and to be able to perform calculations
      > or decisions based on it. Although at this point, I am not
      > sure what Mark Halsall was really trying to do. If he simply
      > wants to know how much space is free on his floppy disks,
      > why does he need a clip?)

      I'm sure I have all I need now - especially the ALT+ENTER.

      I have a backup clip to backup to various floppy disks, and I find it very
      annoying to get "Disk Full" messages. I think idea of a pie chart popping
      up after each disk is nice, so I can plan ahead if some disks are getting
      full. Given this, I guess the clip doesn't need to know how much free space
      there is - but if there were a function to capture this info it would be
      much simpler.

      I suppose if I were clever I'd just put a 200 kB dummy file in each disk
      which I could manually delete if I get a disk full message so at least I can
      get everything backed up before reorganising anything. On the other hand,
      the pie chart shows which disks have little disk space usage.

      Thanks again,
    • Jody
      Hi Mark, ... The simplest way to do that has been mentioned already; right click over the drive... H=Drive Information ;
      Message 2 of 9 , Apr 14, 2002
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        Hi Mark,

        >Can anyone advise how to capture the size of the contents of my
        >stiffy disks?
        >^$GetFileSize(Filename)$ is the closest I can find so far.
        >In general, I simply want to know how full my disk drives are!

        The simplest way to do that has been mentioned already; right
        click over the drive...

        <--- Copy below this line --->
        H=Drive Information
        ; Last updated on 04-14-2002, 09:42pm, jody
        ; http:/www.notetab.net, http://www.notetab.net/html/cd-orders.htm

        ^!Explorer /e, ^?[Enter drive letter=f:\]
        ^!Delay 1
        ^!IfDiff "^$GetAppTitle$" "^?[Enter drive letter]" Skip_-1
        ^!Keyboard Shift+F10 R

        <--- Copy above this line --->
        <--- Right click over a Library --->
        <--- and "Add from Clipboard" --->

        If you would like a nicely formatted list of all the files on a
        drive (folder and/or subfolders) with the file size of each file
        out to the right and also the total number of files and the total
        size, you could get my DirStuff and use one of a few Clips that
        will do that. However, that is very slow It takes Windows a bit
        of time do its parsing, but it will finish. I did my F:\ drive
        for kicks and it returned the full path and file size to 15,773
        files, a total of 1823.25MB. It took about 25 minutes according
        to the output time displays (which I get during different points
        in the process. I mainly made it (with the help of Claes
        Gauffin) so I could get a list of the Fookes Software CDs that I
        make and sale. For something like that it is idea. There is a
        Clip that will just return the number of files and total size as
        well which is much faster and can be reasonably used w/o too long
        of a wait. It took right at about one minute for the same drive
        mentioned above. It is the first Clip listed below.

        Check out the following Clips:

        H="Total FileSize 4.83... Gets the total file size of a folder (per options)."
        H="File Count..."
        H="FileCount/List/Size 4.83..."
        ; Last updated on 12-21-2000, Jody Adair and Claes Gauffin
        H="File List 4.83..."


        I believe there are some other DOS related Clips in there also.

        Happy Clip'n!


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