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Building a mysql update from an input

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  • Don Passenger
    I just started playing with mysql/php. Very neat stuff. I used phpmyadmin to output a database table. I have (before I probably understand what I am doing)
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 17, 2002
      I just started playing with mysql/php. Very neat stuff. I used phpmyadmin
      to output a database table. I have (before I probably understand what I am
      doing) taken the output and made changes that I now want to load back into
      the table. What I need to do is take my lines I received when outputing
      from the table -- called starting point in the following explanation --,
      modify them (with a clip I presume) -- so that they are like the ending
      point reflected below -- and then I can update my datatable.

      I have tried getting the steps necessary put down into a stepwise
      progression list. I figure the first part will be done with a search and
      replace, but after that .... I will be studying. Any thoughts on any step
      would be appreciated as I try to build this thing.

      Starting Point:

      UPDATE Organizations VALUES (20, 'Organization Name', 'Organization
      Address', 'Organization City', 'ST', '99999', 'USA', '555-555-5555',
      '555-555-5555', 'http://www.OrganizationDomainName.com',
      'email@...', Contact Name, 'Comments about the

      Ending Point:

      UPDATE Organizations SET organization='Organization Name',
      addr='Organization Address', city='Organization City', state='ST',
      zip='99999', homecountry='USA', phone='555-555-5555', fax='555-555-5555',
      email='email@...', contact='Contact Name',
      description='Comments about the Site.' WHERE organization_id=20;

      List of fields (in this example):
      organization_id -- use this after where
      organization -- use these sequentially after set

      (question: I assume I need to load these into an array so that I can get
      them back when I need them -- note for the next table I work on, the fields
      list will have a different number of items and different names)

      Steps to get from Starting Point to Ending Point

      1. change "INSERT" into "UPDATE" (question: I assume I will do this all one
      line at a time).

      2. change "VALUES" to "SET"

      3. take the primary key (in this example it is 20) to end (replace the ")"
      with it) and add "WHERE *FIELD*=20
      *FIELD* is the primary key field which is the first field in the list of
      fields above (here organization_id) (question: is it better to load this to
      a variable and not move cursor instead waiting until I get to the end of the

      4. Return cursor to "(" (unless I went with the variable thought above)

      5. Replace "(" with *FIELD*="
      *FIELD* to come from second item in list of fields for this table (here

      6. find and replace each successive ', ' with ', *FIELD*=' where *FIELD* is
      the next successive item in the field list starting with number three until

      7. I suppose we should report error if the number of field items does not
      match the number of ', ' instances.

      8. move to next line if there is one and repeat else terminate

      Don Passenger
      home: http://www.iserv.net/~dpasseng
      work: http://www.grcourt.org
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