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Re: [Clip] ^!IfTrue ^$IsCtrlKeyDown$

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  • hsavage
    ... Hi Jody and SMW, I guess it s my day to be dense. I don t follow the logic between SilverMoonWoman s email about suspending clip operation and Jody s
    Message 1 of 31 , Feb 1 10:49 AM
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      On 2/1/02 10:32 AM, Jody wrote:

      >Hi Silver,
      >>Is it possible within a clip to suspend processing and allow the user
      >>to edit the document normally until one of those keys, say the ALT
      >>key, is down?
      >Yes mam! That is what I was so pleased about when we got the
      >functions. It puts NoteTab into a loop allowing you to navigate
      >and edit the file. Prior to that we had to do something silly
      >like bring up the Find dialog so we could get behind it, because
      >Info boxes, Prompts, Wizards, etc. will not let you get behind
      >them. ;)
      >; Recycles files as long as the Ctrl key is down. -jody
      >; Tip: If files are open you do not want shut, edit the last one
      >; next to the rest of the files and NoteTab *should* prompt to
      >; save it at which time you can cancel. (At least it works in my
      >; head like that. <g>
      >^!RecycleFile ^**
      >^!RecycleFile ^##
      >^!Close Discard
      >^!IfTrue ^$IsCtrlKeyDown$ Loop
      >Happy Clip'n!
      Hi Jody and SMW,

      I guess it's my day to be dense. I don't follow the logic between
      SilverMoonWoman's email about suspending clip operation and Jody's
      answer with a clip to send files to the Recycle Bin.

      It's possible I misunderstood SMW's query in the first email.

      Please enlighten me.

    • Jody
      Hi Tyrell ... I don t know what you did, but it still works fine here. (:-D) H=IsAltDown ; ^!Info 1 ... ^!IfFalse
      Message 31 of 31 , Feb 7 12:14 PM
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        Hi Tyrell

        >> :-D
        >> ^!IfFalse ^$IsAltKeyDown$ Skip_-1
        >copy, paste, run

        I don't know what you did, but it still works fine here. (:-D)

        <--- Copy below this line --->
        ; ^!Info 1
        ^!IfFalse ^$IsAltKeyDown$ Skip_-1
        ; ^!Info 2

        <--- Copy above this line --->
        <--- Right click over a Library, and --->
        <--- Add from Clipboard --->

        Happy Clip'n!


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