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[NTB] Holiday Specials: Absolute Europe Mega Screen Saver, TopStyle, ClipWriter.

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  • Jody
    Hello Everyone! I m sorry for SPAMming ;) all of you yet one more time, but I forgot to give the link for the TopStyle discount of $10 off which is 20% of the
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 21, 2001
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      Hello Everyone!

      I'm sorry for SPAMming ;) all of you yet one more time, but I
      forgot to give the link for the TopStyle discount of $10 off
      which is 20% of the regular cost. (See below.)

      Please reply to any of this post in private eMail
      (mailto:AV1611@...) or the NoteTab Off-Topic list.
      Please see my signature line to sign up for it.

      Both ClipWriter and TopStyle work directly with or without
      NoteTab as a standalone. (I'm not sure how the re-sellers are
      setup for them to send or register the software under a different
      name than the buyer for Christmas presents.)

      Absolute Europe Mega comes on CD-ROM only and can be gift wrapped
      if you specify it when and if you buy it. (It must be done over
      the next 2 days though, since I will be out of town...

      NetCaptor is a must have for those of you who cannot live without
      a tabbed interface - like me. (I'll see if I can get another
      discount for you all for NetCaptor.)

      Nick Bradbury, the original author of HomeSite up to somewhere in
      the version 4 releases and now the author of TopStyle sent this
      to me letting me know I forgot to add a discount link. (If you
      know HTML or want to learn CSS (style sheets), Nick has done a
      lot of work in the Help area, even an excellent tutorial for
      learning CSS.)

      Subject: Holiday Special
      Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 06:40:25 -0600

      Hi Jody,

      Thanks for mentioning TopStyle in your "Holiday Specials"
      newsletter. Unfortunately, it looks like you forgot to give the
      link to the discount offer. If any customers respond to you
      asking how they can get the discount, please let them know to go

      Have a great 2002!
      Nick Bradbury
      TopStyle CSS Editor for Windows


      TopStyle is a really neat Style Sheet editor and works great with
      NoteTab and has its own Clipbar.

      The following programs are discount for you except for NetCaptor
      (*at this time*). If you need more information, please write me
      in private eMail. Thanks - jody

      Absolute Europe Mega - 20% off (Fookes Software)
      110 high-resolution photographs of England, Finland, Holland,
      Ireland, Scandinavia, Scotland, and Switzerland. You will not see
      the discount till you get to the final page to order. You must
      order through the following link. It only comes on a CD-ROM, no
      downloads. You must use the coupon below:
      Coupon: FS01-SHHB-GIFT

      TopStyle v2.5 - $10.00 (20%) off (Bradbury Software, LLC)
      If you develop Web pages with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), then
      you owe it to yourself to try the free copy of TopStyle. This
      program works seamlessly from NoteTab.

      If you are interested in developing NoteTab libraries with Clip
      code, make sure you take a look at ClipWriter. This program,
      written by an expert Clip programmer, is a powerful alternative
      to the NoteTab Clipbook editor. A free trial version is available
      for evaluation.

      Here's the link to the ClipWriter's page:

      And this to the Clip List Holiday Special order page on the RegSoft's site:

      NetCaptor 6.05
      There is not a discount for NetCaptor, although I thought I would
      add it to the list. NetCaptor has a tabbed interface like
      NoteTab. The most useful feature that I use all the time is to
      click on a few links while staying on the current tab. I then go
      elsewhere to do some work and all the pages are loaded in
      different tabs.

      You can try it out at:

      And buy it from this like please :)

      Happy NoteTab'n,
      Jody Adair

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