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Re: [Clip] default value in my wizard

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  • Ben Barnet
    Ralph, You ll need to change The brackets [] to braces {} in the Add Data... clip. From the help file; Clip Language - Clip Wizard and Fields ...Clip
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 25, 2001
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      You'll need to change The brackets [] to braces {} in the "Add Data..."

      From the help file;

      "Clip Language - Clip Wizard and Fields
      ...Clip functions and variables are processed as NoteTab encounters
      them in the script. If a function is used in square brackets ^?[Today's
      date is=^$GetDate$] the actual function would be seen in the prompt
      because the square brackets are processed first, but the function will
      not be processed until after it is reached in the script. On the other
      hand, since curly braces and functions are processed when the line is
      processed, the date will be shown in the prompt using ^?{Today's date
      is=^$GetDate$}. The same is true when using variables."


      Ralph Keating wrote:

      > I am having a tough time geting a default value in my wizard. the variable
      > %address% Is set in another clip then calls the wizard clip but I cant get
      > the value in the address field this is a variation of the address clip. any help..
      > thanks
      > rk
      > H="GET IT"
      > ^!SET %rkaddress%=425 east farmington rd
      > ^!CLIP "Add Data..."
      > H="Add Data..."
      > ^!SetIniFile NtbUsers
      > ^!Set %Complete%=Name: ^?[&Name]^%nl%Address:=^?[&Address=^%rkaddress%]^%nl%Place: ^?[&City, State, Zip]^%nl%Phone: ^?[&Phone]^%nl%Age: ^?[A&ge]^%nl%Sex: ^?[&Sex=Male|_Female]^%nl%eMail: ^?[&eMail address]^%nl%Homepage: ^?[&Homepage]^%nl%Remarks: ^?[(T=W)Remarks, cannot have line breaks]
      > ^!Set %Name%=^?[&Name]
      > ^!AppendToFile "^$GetDocumentPath$AddressBook.txt" ^%Complete%^%nl%^%nl%^%nl%
      > ^!SaveValue PIM-ja:Name=^$GetValue("PIM-ja:Name")$^%Name%|
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